The African Jotter


About the African Jotter?

Africa is the most misunderstood continent in the world. Any reader of foreign news reports about Africa would immediately see a recurring theme of violence, political crisis, poverty, humanitarian dilemma, among others. And even local news stories tend to predominantly focus on political happenings and neglect other important and interesting developments on the continent.

Across several media organisations, there is a recurring theme politics, underdevelopment and crises on the continent that detracts readers from other meaningful things. And to be frank, crises and a few other issues do happen in some African countries, but it rarely happens in many other African countries. And the number of countries where these occur are gradually reducing.

The African Jotter has been created to help push this narrative and share understanding about things the world is failing to understand about Africa, its people and African countries.

African Jotter makes understanding Africa easy. It is home to experts who provide clear, practical articles and other contents about the continent. Whether you are looking to know more about African countries, understand the African music, movies or business, African Jotter is building a library of contents that will answer your questions succinctly.