About African Jotter


African Jotter is a news, intelligence and educational platform providing young Africans and non-Africans insights into development issues on the African continent. African Jotter reports on African development issues, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, African history, transnational African issues, African conflicts, digital economy in Africa, African startups, urban trends in Africa and global issues.

Africa is the answer for the next phase of global growth. We believe Africa’s jewels and their issues, some of the fastest growing countries in the world, deserve more than a mention in international and regional media. A demographically vibrant region, often split by the language of media, has a lot to say and offer to the economic golden age that Africa is about to enter.

African Jotter aims to play a catalyst’s role in this transformation and bring out the stories of African Development and connect them to young readers through the digital platform. Our vision is to make young Africans more intelligent about issues in Africa and other global issues.