What is the African Jotter?

Africa is the most misunderstood continent in the world. Nearly all popular things written about Africa is false or misleading. Any reader of foreign news reports about Africa would immediately see a recurring theme of violence, political crisis, poverty, humanitarian dilemma, etc.

It is true. These events do happen in some parts of Africa. But they are being pushed as the main image about Africa. It views African problems as the same across the continent, and gives people the belief that nothing good can come out of Africa.

But they are wrong and need to be corrected. That’s where we come in.

Why African Jotter?

African Jotter is not an original news reporting medium. We are a news curation website. But we do post news reports and breaking news. We push the stories about Africa that the world needs to know about.

We are liberal. We do not believe Africa is perfect. Neither do we believe that foreign reports about Africa are racist or completely bias. We simply believe that there are better ways to tell Africa’s story.

We see Africa as a land of opportunities just waiting to be explored. So we provide stories, reports and insights about the potentials of the African continent. We push the narrative away from crisis, but onto development issues.