What are the biggest challenges that people face in their day to day lives in Nigeria, specifically Lagos?

challenges in lagos

I have a friend who works at the biggest airport in Nigeria, Murtala Muhammad International Airport, in Ikeja. He lives not very far from where he works. But he typically leaves home by 5am to get to work by 8am, and comes back home by 10pm, after leaving work by 6-7pm. This is his daily routine.

Why? Traffic.

challenges in lagos

Meanwhile when the road is free, going to work should be less than 20mins for him. And therein lies the problem.

One Big Problem is Traffic in Lagos

Traffic is the biggest problem in Lagos. There are no good alternative roads, no clearly mapped out routes, and poor drainage that exaggerate traffic problems when it rains.

My friend leaves in Iyana Ipaja, and the road construction at that axis has caused huge problems since 2015, that place is so congested.

But aside traffic, the cost of transportation is too high some times.

Food prices can be so inconsistent and crazy if you don’t know how things work.

Electricity is so inconsistent. I live in a part of Lagos where the light comes and goes anyhow that we stopped bothering about electricity from a central source. Everybody is heavily dependent on generators.

And I think the erratic power supply is a big reason why some Lagosians have extremely high anxiety levels. Because when generators don’t give as much power. But NEPA comes, you just feel so compelled to do everything you need to do with that electricity. Like iron all your clothes just in case; rush to charge all your electronic devices, watch movies; and pray that the light stays for long. You’ll see people constantly asking each other “is there still light?”

This is a source of anxiety.

And worse still, anyboy who is coming to Lagos in search of a job is surely going to find it tough if he has no connections.