Undiplomatic! China Accused of Spying and Stealing African Union Data

china accused of spying on the african union

China and the AU have dismissed a report by French newspaper Le Monde that China bugged the regional bloc’s headquarters.

An article published by French newspaper, Le Monde, claims that China had been exploiting a backdoor on the AU’s computers to send data back to Beijing.

The paper quoted anonymous sources who claim that data from computers in the Chinese-built AU building had been transferred every night to Chinese servers for the last five years.

After the hack was discovered a year ago, the building’s entire IT system was changed and it began encrypting its data. In July 2017, a team of experts from Algeria and Ethiopia were brought in to conduct a forensic analysis of the building and expose other potential exploits.

China and the AU dismiss the report

China’s ambassador to the AU, Kuang Weilin, has reacted to the report. He dismissed the report as “absurd”. He said he found it quite hard to understand why a reputable medium would agree to publish such a report. He concluded that the report was intended to strain relations between China and African countries. “People in the west” are not happy with the benefits of China-Africa relations he said.

The AU also shared its thought about the report. The Union’s current chairman, president Paul Kagame of Rwanda, claimed he knew nothing about the matter, but admitted that he didn’t think “spying is the speciality of China.”