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Outrage in Kenya as police officer caught on video brutalizing civilian

Police in Kenya are investigating an incident of a man in police uniform who was caught on camera stepping on the neck and head of a civilian.

In the 97-seconds video, the attacker is seen apprehending a civilian, and forcing him to lie down on the ground, The Star reports.

The officer then steps on the neck of the man as he struggles on the ground for rescue, an indication that he was suffocating.

Charles Owino, the National Police Service communication director, said if the video will be found to be authentic, stern action will be taken on the officer.

The police have been on the spot for meting brutality against citizens, a situation that featured mostly during the demonstrations against the IEBC ahead of the 2017 elections, the Star further reports.

On April 1, 2017, IG Joseph Boinnet ordered a probe into a viral video depicting the alleged extrajudicial killing of two suspects gang members in Eastleigh, a neighbourhood in the capital Nairobi. .

The minute-long clip that surfaced showed a person alleged to be a police in plain clothes apprehending a suspect.

On July 19,2017, a video emerged of a person believed to be a KDF soldier shooting multiple times at a helpless man who was already grounded.

The shooter in a military uniform continued to fire after killing the victim while others, also in uniforms, watch from a truck.