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SA: Jacob Zuma May Be Asked to Resign By His Party Leaders

South Africa is at a crossroads concerning President Jacob Zuma and the future of the ANC.


The ANC’s National executive Committee is most likely going to ask the embattled president to resign from office, the BBC reports.

Ever since Zuma failed to make his wife the ANC president in December, his political future has been subject to more speculation than ever before.

jacob zuma gupta family
Mr Jacob Zuma lost a lot of popularity over his ties to the Gupta family

Zuma faces 783 counts of corruption, fraud, money-laundering, and racketeering.  He has been at the heart of several embarrassing scandals. And he has long vexed people over his strong ties with the Gupta family, an Indian-born family with strong links with the government.

ANC President Vows To Tackle The Zuma Issue

ANC president and Zuma’s deputy, Cyril Ramaphosa, has admitted that Zuma’s issue was a cause of “disunity and discord”.

Addressing supporters at a rally to mark Mandela’s 100th post-humous birthday, Ramaphosa admitted, “we know you want closure… our people want this matter to be finalised.”

He admitted the difficulty in the ANC presently, but vowed to to bring “a new beginning.”

What are the likely Outcomes for Zuma

BBC correspondents say that if the NEC agrees to recall Zuma, it would be hard for him to resist. Whatever the decision though, Zuma would not be compelled to oblige. Constitutionally, he could continue as president even if asked to quit. But that won’t end well.

If Zuma chooses to ignore the NEC decision, then he would face a no confidence vote in parliament. Zuma won marginally the last time such vote was held last year. The next vote is slated for February 22.

Zuma is not unfamiliar with the present challenges and the circumstances surrounding him. He had previously been instrumental to the removal of Thabo Mbeki as president in 2008.

Zuma was Mbeki’s deputy, but there was a power tussle which forced the latter to resign in 2008. Jacob Zuma assumed presidency in 2009 after Mbeki’s resignation.

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